5 OCTOBER 2019


With so much of commercialisation and noise around us, we are faced with a huge challenge - How to be modern, yet simple? How do we use the luxuries of today’s world to simplify our life? With a focus on a few areas, we are almost certain to have a solution with these few questions answered.

How do we shop? Everything we do has a social perspective to it. Our shopping pattern is being dictated by external factors and seldom of one’s own choice. The big online sale that happens once too often, dictates when we shop, what we buy and how many do we buy. This further gets complicated, when we are dependent on customer ratings and reviews given by others to decide our choice. It would be much simpler for one to decide when and what to buy as and when one requires the same.

How do we manage our health? Health is wealth and it should be our top most priority. All our investment should be pointed towards health and well-being. While medicine has advanced in a big way, it has equally gotten complicated as well. We are distracted and confused with so many medical parameters these days - From BMI, Blood sugar, Blood pressure, to Bone density, Cholesterol or Sleep apnea tests. While ignorance can be termed as bliss, undergoing multiple tests for no reason could only complicate one's life. Let's make no mistake that we are in the driver’s seat and hence we need to take a simple look at our health parameters first and avoid spending unnecessarily on unwanted medical tests, gadgets, etc.

How do we learn?

Even learning methods have changed with much more opportunities available. Today a person could learn sitting anywhere in the globe and yet have access to lessons taught at world class universities. Digital learning is in vogue. The question is, Do we end up complicating our lives thinking what to learn, which training, which university, which institution, mode of instruction, duration of session and more. Sometimes the answer to our learning is at our fingertips - through our experiences or by just looking around.

?How do we manage our relationships

The biggest challenge that the current generation is facing is loneliness. Though social networking and social media has hit a crescendo, youngsters still need people to speak and relate to. Millennials are in search for trust-worthy relationships either at work or in their personal life. It is so ironical that there are so many social channels available today, yet there is so much more clutter and as a result, we are left confused over how to have a simple conversation with our neighbour.

How do we manage our wants?
The rise of disposable income, the convenience of shopping and the ease of banking today has made many of us fall prey to consumerism. Today, it’s not about what we want but instead it is about What is easily available and convenient? Hence people end up having multiples of everything they own, even though they may never need it. This perspective of dealing with our wants covers the houses we own, the cars we drive, the clothes we wear and more. All this choice has merely added more confusion to our lives.

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