At the age of four,

He wanted more.

He made it to the start,

In a tiny race kart

Eighteen years later, it was Formula One,

For him to race and to have fun.

He had a will to win,

And proved to the world with Benetton.

In a race – competitive and tight,

He knew what was good and what was right.

Much to the spectators delight,

He would stamp his authority and his might.

All that he wanted was to win,

Never let any chance for Hakinnen.

Given a chance of a racing sin,

He would grace the opportunity with a wide grin.

Racing in the rain,

Was never a pain.

For in the racing lane,

It was Michael’s reign.

From the Belgian to Brazilian Circuit,

He drove like a racing rocket.

With all records in his pocket,

He has but sealed and locked it.

At times he faced problems of ignition,

But still the world would give him recognition.

For he believed in competition,

If not, insanely demolition.

He always wanted to compete,

And not just, complete.

It was in him to beat,

And make the win a repeat.

A seven time Champion with Ninety one wins,

A whole load of accolades accompanied with a few sins.

Most Fast Laps and Most Podium Finishes,

Makes Michael special and the rest side-dishes.

With Michael at his very best,

It was torture for all the rest.

For he was a racing pest,

With all other drivers as mere guests.

Drivers waited long for his surrender,

And pushed him hard to make a blunder.

But the magic of his Ferrari roar and thunder,

Struck the drivers with awe and wonder.

His record-breaking desire was like a tap,

Unrelenting till his penultimate lap.

With victories in each circuit of the map,

It talks of how much he widened the gap.

He always strived to be the very best,

Passing in each race like a test.

For he lay other drivers to their rest,

“Schumi is undoubtedly the Best of the Best”.

After following Michael closely over the last 5 years, I just thought to myself, this would be the best way I could say thanks to Michael for giving us exciting moments of F1 driving. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment………willis

Written after the 2006 Brazilian GP - 23rd October 2006


Days gone by, it has been attire,

Today it’s nothing, but retire.

It’s the absence of a burning fire,

For any want or extraordinary desire.

All is young and very bold,

Tempers grow high and hearts grow cold.

Aged are excluded of Society’s mould,

But old is gold and never to be sold.

Thinking of the days gone by,

It brings tears to the eye.

But the thought of sharing each other’s joy,

Doesn’t matter when they say goodbye.

Many a fill and many a gap,

Twilight is a time to think and recap.

Whether joys or sorrows in your career map,

God will always keep you in His Lap.

After a long journey spanning miles,

At this sunset, there are smiles.

Records are set straight in their files,

And it’s worth living for this long while.

Earthly wants are pleasures no more,

Time is precious to meet a perfect score.

Partying and fun would never pour,

Cause’ God is always at the fore.

The Sunset's Sunrise was written and dedicated to all the members of 'an old aged home'


It’s party time they say with wine,

All is fine till they drink & dine.

It’s bad to witness & see,

The lousy drunken fantasy.

Some laugh, while the others cry,

Some mourn, while the others groan.

Truth comes out and emotions fly,

Body feels weak & the mind feels dry.

Long lasting relationships fall & break,

Then we realise it’s been a heartache.

Too late is the observation,

The result is hate & hesitation.

Families bond with unity,

Crumble with despair & fragility.

When questioned of its satisfaction,

It only results in facts & friction.

When sober, he’s a gentleman,

But when drunk, he’s a bogeyman.

Ferocious he can be as the world may see,

But the heart is kind to many & me.

Man turns to wine To drown his sorrows,

But for others, It’s the night of horrors.

It’s often said that man without wine Is like a back without a spine.

But then, wine destroys body & mind, Spine & all will be hard to find.

Every day has a night,

Every man has his right.

Every drink has its cause,

But every man will have to pause.

Say no to wine, yes to dine,

Every day will be good in time.


Shoulders may droop,

Tempers may sway.

Resist temptation to stoop,

Keep evil at bay.

Jobs are made redundant,

Opportunities far from abundant.

Policies at organsations change,

Depicting the best and worst range.

Families are affected,

Loans get extended.

Friends get limited,

And suggestions unlimited.

Patience pays,

For its just a matter of days.

The sun will shine,

In many bright ways.

Utilise this time,

Cause its yours and not mine.

Everything will fall in line,

To ensure you are fit and fine.

If self- belief is your admission,

You do not need any permission.

To shun any such discussion,

Of this so-called recession.

'Recession' is dedicated to all friends and family who have directly or indirectly been affected by the economic slow-down post November 2008.


We have grown,

That is what the graph has shown.

We have more in numbers,

To ensure that there are no such blunders.

We are proud to be in ‘Avnet’

It is the best that life has ever met.

It is good to see,

That all of you - agree with me.

We have a fantastic team,

That makes us Industry’s cream.

We would ensure to raise the bar.

That is the reason we have made it thus far,

When put to the test,

We lay competition to absolute rest.

For East or West,

Avnet is the very best.


A year filled with action,

With more focus and less distraction.

A team with high participation,

Reaching for goals like an addiction.

High emphasis on achieving more,

Debtors in check and Inventory in store.

Avnet’s status always comes afore,

To stamp our leading authority to all galore.

The year of growth and new faces,

Came along with talent and a few aces.

This helped us cover new bases,

Which caught Competition with untied laces.

Every Region has put its might,

To ensure we as a team get it right.

Be it CRD or Sales to be,

After all it’s the results that everyone will see.

Exciting mails exchanged everyday,

Goading us on to records at bay.

All but growth it has to say,

Showing us all it’s the perfect way.

We thank you for your individual contribution,

Making Avnet better at technology and distribution.

These wishes come to you in appreciation,

For health, prosperity and determination.

Thanking all colleagues and my team at Avnet, who have made it happen in 2010


The Gayle swallowed by a whale,

Dhoni's ideas never go stale.

It was a sea of yellow,

All stars but mellow.

A quiet Final without a punch,

Chennai too good for the Red bunch.

Kept their best for the crunch,

Ate into them like a tasty much.

All it was a big hype,

All fruits but none ripe.

This team - the smartest type,

Played well and no stereotype.

Bangalore proved a one-man band,

Gayle on song or in no man's land.

Champions prove on any sand,

And not a flash in the pan.

Dedicated to Chennai Super Kings, the Winners of IPL- IV, after they beat the Royal Challengers Bangalore on 28th May 2011 at Chennai


The oldest hospital of them all,

Is St. Marthas - if one may recall.

Pleasant faces greet you at their Reception hall,

Hospitality and service is written on the wall.

The hospital building is heritage to see,

Their service though is with bended knee.

Their Doctors diagnosis is to the highest decree,

This talks about their simplicity and pedigree.

If you entered in with an illness,

You would feel the touch of their kindness.

This experience of wellness and success,

Shows all about St. Marthas great progress.

Patients are welcomed with love and compassion,

This is their priority and not just their mission.

St. Marthas is ahead while they work with passion,

All the rest copy and wish to cash-in.

The Good Shepherd Sisters with their selfless service,

Would make you feel comfortable and never nervous.

Their professionalism displayed is far from novice,

And their caring and sharing, one should never miss.

One hundred and twenty five years and still moving,

Patients thronging for their service that is further improving.

Many more features and Corporate approving,

St. Marthas is destined for more and no losing.

Poem featured in the Quasquicentennial Souvenir of St. Marthas Hospital, released in Feb 2012


On our feet or using a car fleet,

We explore customers from small to the elite.

We weather the storm and we beat the heat,

Just to ensure we sell well and compete.

We order parts – current and not obsolete,

And we service good parts which are there to repeat.

We create record sales, which is hard to beat,

Leaving others worried in their back seat.

But watch out for old parts and be upbeat,

Churn your inventory and consider it a great feat.

Order no more than you can meet,

Because inventory is like cash and you got to be neat.

The customer’s credibility should be firm as concrete,

So that they can pay us until the last receipt.

With no bad debts because of customer deceit,

You can be rest assured that your deal is complete.