3 aUGUST 2019

LOL !!

Life is a journey and not a destination. You can get the best out of it if you are a lifelong learner. Life is made up of experiences.

Every moment gets recorded by our human system - be it the hearty laughter of joy or the emotional tear of grief. There are a lot of ‘experiences’, that need to be experienced during one’s life time. It is said that good judgement comes from experience and experience is gained from bad judgement as well. So, one would need to do more than just exist and start living life to experience, what life really is.
A few tips that can change gears and help you - LOL!!

Take on a new role
Moving away from the mundane to trying something new or something different. Learning to do or trying a different routine can help us to be agile ambassadors of life. As Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Do one thing every day that scares you”. Practicing simple changes like trying a different route to work, tasting different cuisines, meeting new friends or just choosing to do something different in your free time. Any of these changes can bring in more optimism, courage to face adversities, embrace diversity in society and most importantly – make you a stronger, happy and enthusiastic person yearning to do more.

Be a keen listener
Have you ever noticed how an air hostess would keenly observe and listen to any concern or query that you may have? They wouldn’t jump to conclusions even though they may have known the solution to your concern even before you would have completed your question. This is because every interaction is a new learning in one way or the other and that adds to their experience. Similarly, a doctor, lawyer, auto technician, counselor and many more professionals listen by paying their undivided attention to their clients. All this listening turns to be their biggest wealth and help them to be better at their jobs.

Resistance to persistence
As humans, the tendency is to stay in one’s comfort zone. More often than not, one does not wish to change something that is running smoothly. However, with change comes a new era and a new beginning. The faster we embrace change - like a pilot having to make quick decisions while navigating through unforeseen turbulent weather, the better it would be. One of the biggest reasons for resisting change is the fear of failure. Like a rubber band, we stretch ourselves either to a point of no return (where the rubber band snaps) or we don’t stretch far enough, that we retract to the original position faster. We should position and change ourselves seamlessly, just as caterpillars change themselves to butterflies – both stages are as important, yet such change is inevitable and welcome at the same time.

The great William Shakespeare once said “All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances and one man in his time plays many parts". Likewise, life is a great stage for us to Listen, Observe and Learn and if this is executed seamlessly, we can Laugh Out Loud - LOL!!