29 FEBRUARY 2020


What would you do with the extra day?

Would you focus on your health and fervently pray?

Or Would it be fun, sports and all play?

For it is nothing big and just another day?

Would you focus on concern for the other?

Be it your friend, sister or brother.

Would you seek to grow with each other?

Or would you recline and just not bother.

Would you want to change gear,

And focus on your worthy career.

Would you pursue charity while being a volunteer,

Or bring some other change this leap-day year.

An extra day is a gift of life,

Seek to spend it with joy, not strife.

Enjoy God’s gifts of nature and wildlife,

And find deeper meaning in your precious life.

This article is written by Willis Langford. An unbiased, result driven & passionate HR professional who has a flair for technology and keen interest in making this world a better place with a zest for life.