28 JANUARY 2020


We have come a long way especially in the area of mediums and tools of communication. However all of us would agree that though we have progressed, we still see pitfalls as of today. Through this progression of Wired telephony, wireless telephony, VOIP, video calling, WiFi calling and more, we have seen telecom companies struggling to balance between customer satisfaction through great pricing and providing state-of-the-art technologies.

One gets to hear similar complaints like call drops, bad connectivity and more, especially in many developing countries and locations across the globe. This is becoming a common phenomenon, which could result in complete breakdown of communication especially when our expectations are spontaneous and immediate. Relationships could suffer. Bad connectivity could lead friends and family to be mislead that the other party is unreachable or is on another line, while the truth of the matter would be, that they are available with an open call-line.

Family members could well be on their way to disagreements over concerns of not being reachable on their hand phones, to their loved-ones. Bosses may need to double check and doubt the integrity of the employee as they would be intermittently on or offline. Important business deals that need to be cracked on a conference call or a web call, may not be successful as the conversation would be punctured with interrupted call drops and constant data losses.

The damages that one may experience is not limited to just relationships and business losses but one of reputation and goodwill. In my own experience, I've witnessed how such challenges have had severe repercussions on people, their jobs and their personal lives. So with mobile phones not connecting well and with internet connectivity having problems at offices and residences, the question is "Do we need a Phone booth in our homes and offices, yet again? A place where the best mobile or WiFi signals are strong. After all connectivity is key."

One may have the best office or own the best home but the best place to take or receive calls on your mobile therein, will be determined by the telecom company and not by you. Sometimes that spot could well be the most uncomfortable location in your office or home.

It would be phenomenal to avoid falling into this trap of technological glitches. Instead focus on how connectivity can still exist through exhaustive interactions on a foundation of trust. 

This article is written by Willis Langford. An unbiased, result driven & passionate HR professional who has a flair for technology and keen interest in making this world a better place with a zest for life.