27 aUGUST 2019


There may be moments in our lives wherein we could be in a dilemma while making decisions. Sometimes, we could be pushed to the wall to make the decision and therefore most often, the decision we make could be out of force and coercion and not by choice. So, the question we need to ask ourselves is - 'Have I made the right decision or not?'

Are our decisions reactive to change or proactive? Do we move when we see opportunity (the light) or do we move when we feel the pressure is on us (the heat)?

The following pointers can help us in our decision-making specially to avoid making hasty decisions and bringing upon a crisis.

Optimism is key: Are we optimistic enough to embrace the challenges of life - be it at work or with our families. It is very important to stay optimistic at every point in one's life simply because life is too short to be pessimistic about. One can anticipate and be better prepared if and when things do happen.

Assertive and proactive: Being assertive can help in many a situation. Putting one's point across in a discussion, voicing an opinion or even being open in a discussion can help in making your decision. One needs to be cautious though, on not misunderstanding assertiveness to be aggressiveness.

Set your own standards: Setting the rules as one would say or setting your benchmarks will help in being vigilant and proactive. This will help you to be focused on anything unforeseen or forthcoming. Trying to be a leader not a mere follower at all times will allow you to set the pace, tone and path for the future.

Neither push nor pull: Any decision is normally backed by a pull or a push factor. For example, many candidates change their jobs due to the external environment being better(pull), while some change due to internal incompatibility (push). ‘You’ should be the one to decide - when is the time for a change of job and not ‘the environment’!! It would be prudent though, to neither let the pull nor the push factor to have a bearing on your decision-making, rather, decisions made by you should be decided on your terms.

Nimble and agile: To embrace opportunities quickly in this fast-paced environment that we live in, we need to be nimble and agile. Being more adaptive, collaborative and adjusting will help in making timely decisions.

Many of us may have heard how Japanese fishermen added a small shark in the freshwater tanks of fish to ensure the fish were more fresh and tasty for their customers. Likewise, it is important that we challenge ourselves and make decisions in life - not by compulsion but by choice. Let us not wait for a shark to be in the midst of our pool to wake up.

Take a moment and ponder on this - Do we move when we see the light or when we feel the heat?