23 DECEMBER 2021


As we are on the verge of celebrating a beautiful festival, it's time to think and relate it to our lives. There are many take aways not just for ones celebrating it by religion, but also for everyone else. We all know that Christmas is especially known for a time of sharing Peace, Joy, Love and Hope with all people around us.

I have taken this opportunity to bring in the secular meaning of Christmas apart from the main celebration of Christ's birth and gift to this world. I am sure you would be able to relate to it in one way or the other.

So through these Christmas items, let us decipher the impact it can have on our lives:

Christmas Star:

Everyone wants to be a star sooner than later. We all aspire to be not just one in the crowd but a face standing out in a crowd. Just like the Christmas star which shone so bright that led the wise men, so also, may we be stars that can brighten the lives of others especially in their darker moments. May we remember that each of us are a star in our own right and we have enough light to illuminate our own lives and that of others. May we share this light with love and compassion through our interactions and friendship with each other. Collaboration, networking and teamwork have become the essence of any success witnessed at work or in our personal lives. So let's brighten up the world that is rather subdued due to the pandemic.

Christmas Tree:

Let us be like the Christmas tree, spreading its branches wider at the bottom and pointed at the top. Similarly, may we cover and help the masses and the under privileged to succeed with our generous sharing. In the midst of the ongoing pandemic, we are called to be resilient, standing tall with confidence amidst the turmoil and noise that surrounds us today. Aligning only with the top, the affluent and the big brands may definitely get us power and fame, but true connections start at the grass root level. It's a great time to share and show that we care.

Ornaments on the Christmas Tree:

The Christmas Tree is often picturized as a green tree with snow-tipped branches. As a plain tree, it looks beautiful and when it is decked up with all Christmas Tree ornaments, it looks even better. With each tree-hanging ornament comes added beauty and additional meaning. Likewise, we are called to be great ambassadors in society with our various talents we bring to be displayed on our Christmas Tree (our life). Professional skills as well as personal traits will help us to be seen as unique individuals. May each skill or virtue of ours, just like the ornament, bring value to our life for our benefit and that of the other.

Santa Claus:

As we look at Santa Claus, may we be reminded about gifts that we can share with others. May we be able to give unconditionally to the lesser fortunate and break all barriers when it comes to supporting people around us. Let us also not forget to unwrap the gifts that all of us are bestowed with - the gift of life, our talents, our family, our friends and well-wishers and make the best of it. To little children, Santa Claus may sometimes be scary, while to other children, Santa may be the most wanted person. Likewise may we strive to foster happiness among others and be sought after as someone who is dependable, approachable and someone who can be trusted in society or at least in our team.

Christmas Cake:

Christmas fruit cake has always been the most liked item of Christmas by my friends. I’ve personally enjoyed sharing our home-made cake with friends, relatives and colleagues at work. It has always been a memory worth cherishing. Each of the cake ingredients bring a different, but interesting dimension to the final taste. I once overheard a comparison of fruit cake with that of a family and it went like this – A family is like fruit cake, it has many sweet fruits with a few nuts in it. All of us are not the same but together we can make a difference. May we bring in our strengths, set aside our differences and thrive as a team.


Each of our homes are decorated with Christmas decorations, depicting festivities and celebrations. Families comes together and ensure that a variety of decorations are up well in advance of Christmas Day. These decorations bring in cheer to everyone alike – young and old. As individuals and as a team, it is very important to celebrate our victories no matter how small it may be. Celebrating with a team is much more fun. Recent lockdowns have reminded us the importance of returning to work not just for accomplishing work tasks but also for team bonding. Let us decorate our life with laughter and good cheer.

So, here's wishing all my dear friends and valuable connections on LinkedIn a Blessed Christmas !! May this season of Peace, Joy, Love and Hope bring you and your family the very best!

Merry Christmas from our home to yours! God Bless 🙏