22 aUGUST 2019


I, me and myself seem to be the order of today! It is becoming increasingly difficult to identify activities that can be tagged to a group of people. The social fabric of life is being disrupted with this simple word called ‘selfie’.

The other evening, I stepped into a restaurant for dinner along with my family, I noticed a family at the adjacent table. A couple with their son and daughter – both in their early teens. All they did that evening (which I suppose was a family dinner), was only two things – eat and look at their mobile phones. It continued for the entire evening, even as they walked out of the restaurant - directionless with their phones in their palms. This was not it!! At another table, I spotted a young couple probably in their early twenties, sitting at a twin-seater table. They were no different, as they shared time with their ‘only’ companion – their mobile. As we left the restaurant, I saw many more groups of people walking together, but, in a world of their own. All this made me think – Is this a selfie world that we live in?

One shouldn’t be surprised when they witness a passerby stop in the middle of a road, just to take a selfie. This person would be oblivious of their neighbours and any inconveniences associated therewith. Selfie individuals are more interested in ensuring their needs are taken care of first. The selfie concept is not restricted to any particular generation as people from all ages have embraced this trend lightning fast! It’s just that the selfie purpose is different. To millennials, it is just social media updates, to Gen X it could be learning on the move and to Baby boomers or the older folks, it could be a companion!

To the outside world, it may seem that only photographers have been disturbed with the rise of the Selfie world. Although on the contrary, the rise of the selfie aka ‘selfish world’ has had a bigger impact on society. Probably many professions like Counselors, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Therapists, Plastic Surgeons, Beauticians, to name a few, have grown multi-fold. All thanks to the grave needs of the selfie generation and also situations where a solitary life needed to be redirected the right way.

You and I can add value with moderate selfie-style of living by spending more time socially with people around you, after all man is a ‘social animal’ and not a ‘selfie animal’.

So, the next time you want to go into isolation or selfie mode at a restaurant, a party, a group or a gathering, just ask yourself - Are you Socially Engaging Lives From Interacting Emotionally?

Credits: I thank my teenage son for his creative title to this article.