21 June 2010


It is always a great challenge for graduates just out of college to get that most wanted thing in life - their first job.

Over the years, I have noticed that organisations have evolved their talent acquisition systems with a little focus on raw talent, mainly due to the pressures of 'per employee' productivity and the problem of losing market share to competition. No organisation would want to offer market share to competition on a platter. So the question arises - Will Fresh Graduates ever get that experience?

The Job Seeker's perspective:

Youth seeking their first job would need to do the right things rather than getting things right. Make an impressive Curriculum Vitae. State your career objectives clearly. Get those right and relevant Referees. Ethics and Presentation. Be Confident.

The Organisation's perspective:

  1. Look for Academics and Cultural activities: As always Organisations would want to have their prospective employees not just from reputed institutions but also one's with outstanding academic records. Afterall it is the survival of the fittest. Apart from this pre-requisite, organisations also give credit to fresh candidates who've had their leadership skills, team spirit and business acumen tested. The only way this can be tested is by running through their extra curricular activities.
  2. Back your Instincts: Fortune favours the brave. It is prudent if organisations were to look at fresh talent. This will benefit them in morale, costing, employee mix, etc., Hence, while looking at frest talent, the organisation should go by their instincts based on each individual candidate and rate them on their present presentation.
  3. The Right Attitude: In my opinion, all it takes for anyone to get into an organisation is just a Right Attitude - One of positivity and creativity, backed by a good value-based upbringing. These attributes can be seen at the time of a face-to-face interview. There is no substitute for the Right Attitude, even if the candidate is from the No.1 Business School.

It's not just a Social responsibility to allocate a quota for fresh talent in any organisation, but also good to have such people as a mix of generational cohorts with experienced and the new. It gives the organisation a fresh breath of air with new ideas and innovation as well.