2 june 2020

Virtual class etiquette: A plea to parents

The world is in turmoil, people are anxious and many are in disarray but still we manage to find people who like to disrupt society and cause others problems.

Since schools are shut due to governmental lockdown regulations, school management and teachers are forced to build, try and execute their teaching plans on a virtual platform. This is the biggest challenge that our academicians have probably ever faced, especially in the light of poor infrastructure, training and understanding of how all this works.

I just want to bring to your attention, the various problems and pranks that children play on their respected teachers while the online classes are underway, irrespective of the conferencing software that they use.

  1. Drawing on whiteboards while the teacher is explaining.
  2. Entering class with fake names and causing unwanted interruptions.
  3. Adding filters on the teachers face (puppy, cats, etc).
  4. Play music under a fake name and disturb the class.
  5. Distract the teacher by constantly unmuting their line and create a commotion.

I am sure that all of us were once students as well and we can relate to a prank for fun, but not something which is more serious than just a gimmick. Our teachers are our gurus and if we do not respect them, then we need to question our so-called family values, our rich heritage that respected the guru back in the day.

Many of us parents may want to brush this aside citing it to be silly or something that is not happening in the real world. Or a few other parents may laud the advanced IT skills that their kids possess. Infact, the IT whiz kids can probably help their teacher and in turn help themselves and their classmates in their class.

Hence, my personal plea to you is to talk, counsel and help our kids understand the value of a guru in their life. I am confident if all of us do this small bit, we can make our society a much better place. A place where innocent students don’t lose out and every student gets the best from their guru/ teacher. After all, all of us want to see the best for our kids.

Thank you 🙏

I am indebted to you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read this.

Note: Special thanks to my friends, a few students and parents who shared their feedback (on ground zero) and indirectly contributed to my short article.