19 NOVEMBER 2021


There are three types of people in this world - one who buys and uses, one who buys and over uses and the other buys and never uses. Well, having been brought up in a conservative family that taught me many lessons, one of them being, not to waste, there was a clear direction for us to live within our means. When related to buying as well, we were asked to restrict ourselves to buy only what we needed, with an additional rider being - 'if we could afford it'.

Fast forward four decades later, the scene has changed quite a bit, where the current generation is blessed with more than adequate and one could call it 'in abundance', So considering this situation that we are all in, it brings me to this interesting question, 'What do we do with the abundance of things that we possess?' Since we never grew up in an 'abundance' situation, this was alien to me until recent years where I realized the pitfall of 'having extra' and not doing anything about it. I then concluded that 'Not in use could soon be of no use'. Let's relate this to a few aspects of our life:

The Mind:

Often times we are quite satisfied with our achievements and stop ourselves from learning more. We feel there is no need for additional knowledge on any of the topics that we are associated with. The big challenge then arises, that no new learning leads to rusted or outdated thinking and then all of a sudden we realize that we are not able to perform tasks in any new way. This could happen because we haven't been keeping our mind busy with creative or new thinking.


I have personally experienced this during the initial lockdown. I picked up my guitar to play in my regular Sunday choir after almost nine months and then realized that I was out-of-sorts, struggling to even move my fingers. I was also embarrassed by the odd outrageously wrong chords that I played. This hit me hard, that this was the result of not being in touch with absolutely no practice! Money: Whether you want to call it contentment or lack of financial acumen, many of us park our funds in places where we don't check the status at all. This could be bad at times or let me put it in this way, that watching your investments periodically will help you manage your money better for the simple reason that appropriate action can be taken based on the growth/fall of your investments.


Assets not being used, is my most recent observation, especially during this pandemic. I've noticed things that we didn't use often, soon needed our attention, be it our leather accessories, electronic devices or even the unused taps in our homes - most of all our cars that were not being used during lockdown. As a consequence, a lot more needed to be spent to get these back into action.

I would like to share my learning from these cited examples and many more.

  1. There is a great need for using our talent and also sharing it with people around us. Acquiring new knowledge is essential as there is never an end to learning.
  2. I have always expressed, that God's given gift of life to us entails unlimited specifications - including an unlimited hard disk (which is our memory). Let's also learn more by unlearning and relearning new things.
  3. Lastly, if we believe we have a purpose in life, let's then share. After all, we are not destined to have our knowledge with us for all eternity.

Maintenance is needed to keep the fires burning. We need to focus on what is happening and not leave it aside for once-in-a-while checks, be it our car or be it our relationships. We cannot expect our team, clients, relatives or friends to respect us if we do not even check on them once in a while. We can't buy a relationship but we can certainly build one.

Lastly, we cannot be considered as stars forever unless we perform consistently. This means that we cannot rest on our past laurels. We need to bring new and renewed talent to the table each and every time, so as to be considered relevant and worthy.

Let us be reminded that today's star could be tomorrow's commoner. Being in touch with ourselves and our surroundings, having a keen watch on what is happening around us and participating will help us to stay updated not outdated or even inundated. In closing, it pays to keep our body and mind active otherwise we would have to conclude that 'not in use could soon be of no use'.