26 MARCH 2022


How many degrees do you have?

What are your top skills that you possess?

How many vocational courses do you have?

What is your specialization?

These are few of the many questions that candidates get asked at interviews. After being amidst hundreds of interviews over the years, I have realized that enquiring about what qualifications one possesses is only one part of the story. What is becoming more seemingly important to me these days is asking candidates 'what have they done with their degrees or certifications!'

Do we take our abilities for granted?

Are we utilising our abilities to make our life more purposeful?

Time and again we see video clips of people who are specially-abled, who within their constraints push their limits to achieve what other abled-people would have believed as unachievable. Such performances or acts seem to be achieved with sublime ease !

The broader question I like to dwell on is - What stops us from using our abilities to our full potential ? I see many reasons for this under-utilization of God-given talents especially through the gift of life. Some of them are listed below.


We stop earlier than our scheduled time. We are confident that what we have achieved will take us right through our careers. Unfortunately the world is changing so fast, technologies are becoming obsolete faster than ever before and skill requirements are constantly evolving. So here is the big risk of an early retirement.


We believe that what we achieve is what we deserve and vice - versa. We feel that what is destined for us is what we achieve in the normal process of life. Under the guise of gratitude, there is a virtual barrier that obstructs our thinking and therefore no actions are taken by us to pursue more.


Many of us feel elated at our star status or the feeling of being in a vantage position and can carry on to be undefeated. This attitude, if not checked, can lead to arrogance or pride. One can't help think about the great Titanic that sank too or the mighty Goliath who fell prey to David's simple sling.


This is one of the most common reasons for not pursuing more challenging opportunities. Many of us like to be in our comfort zone and detest the idea of a change. We are reluctant to even try. Lethargy and laziness can easily set us back. No goal: Lack of a burning desire to do more, if not for yourself but at least for the other is absent. Not having a clear and well-defined purpose for our life could lead us to treating the greatest gift of life in the most casual manner.

Overkill of contentment:

Many people suffer from this problem of being overly satisfied with what life presents them that they even have no goals in their lives - be it short term or long term. Living each day as it unfurls and being satisfied with what is presented to them each day.

It's time for change!!

“Small minds discuss people. Average minds discuss events. Great minds discuss ideas.” Eleanor Roosevelt

Based on my experiences and best practices of great leaders and prominent personalities, here are my thoughts on how we can truly be ‘able’.

1. Be grateful for what we have and use it to our full potential. Believe that we possess the best and be proud and excited of our talent. Most of us would be attached to a device or gadget that we buy especially after longing for it. Similarly, we are all blessed with the best talents but we just need to recognize, appreciate and use it for accomplishing our goals.

2. Avoid comparisons and envy. Avoid focusing on the other (and then comparing them to what we are) and better utilize our time and effort in focusing on our strengths for a better impact. This practice will automatically build an attitude of gratitude. More than comparing ourselves with others, the better outlook would be to question ourselves as to what we are doing with our talent.

3. Start today ! Often times we are reminded when we watch some extraordinary acts being performed by ordinary people and then we are reminded of our potential and our probable outcomes if only we tried. So the best thing to do is start today. Whether it is a hobby, trade or skill, all that we need is that little nudge to make a start. Everything in this world gets better with practice and consistency. Today’s practice would lead to tomorrow’s perfection.

“When God gives you a talent, He expects you to use it. It’s like a muscle. If you use it, it will grow. If you don’t, you’ll lose it." Rick Warren from his book 'Purpose-Driven Life'

With the above practices, here’s my take away on what could be our biggest motivators to capitalize on our ability:

  1. Push ourselves to our limits for our own growth.
  2. Capitalize on our talents for the benefit of others.
  3. Be thankful to our Creator that we have brought in 'great return on our gift of life'.
  4. Use our abilities rather than regretting that we did nothing while we had it.
  5. Lastly, be a great testimony of Life !

At the end of the day it is results over ability and ability that prevails over talent. So let’s make use of our ability to expose our talent in bringing greater results for ourselves and people around us.