17 May 2021

"I"​ meant only for Interviews !

In a networked and collaborative world, it is essential to see the ‘we’ factor given prominence. Even the current pandemic has taught us that no country is self-sufficient. No organisation can operate independently for long. We are all inter-dependent for technology, for services, for goods or even for a consumer base. Even for help during this pandemic, we get more from our network of friends and family.

While organisations are operating in this global village of competing interests, we find that the focus has now shifted to employability and not employment alone. It is becoming clearer that the talent pool is no longer local, but global. Organisations have started recruiting people from across the globe even without an in-person interview with the candidate who is residing thousands of miles away, but someone who can get the job done in just the same way as a local would do.

In the recent past, we have seen scores of organisations adapt to the new norm of having a remote workforce across countries and continents. This is across various industries like Consultancy, Learning, Facilitation, Coaching, Teaching, Investments and many more service industries. There is a win-win with this hybrid-virtual relationship, both for the employer and employee. A chance for cost optimization for the employer, apart from the benefit of having a diverse workforce. This also means great exposure for the employee. No alt text provided for this image

So the question arises - Are we ready for a global platform opened up to each one of us?

One of the most important factors while trying to be successful at job interviews are the use of the "I" factor. This is the only place where using the word "I" is so important. Unfortunately many candidates even as of today, speak and narrate collective and team examples at the time of their interview, while forgetting that they are to promote their achievements and not that of the team. We need to be more crisp and clear in our communication at our job interviews because our dream company / offer could be just a call away. Today, the "I" factor helps in demonstrating 'behaviours' that are so important in a job interview.

So it's time to brace and be ready to talk about your achievements only as though there were no one else beside you in the team. This is the only occasion one has the ethical reasoning to stand alone and not part of a collaborative team.