17 December 2021


As we wind down on 2021, it's time folks to look back on how this year has been for us. Challenges and opportunities have been presented to us. New dimensions, new perspectives and new paths have been experienced. Amidst our fast-paced life, let us allow ourselves to soak in all of this under the umbrella of 'experience'. In short, it's time to Pause and Reflect!

The beginning of the year 2021 seemed promising with a ray of hope, not one of a great beginning but one of emerging out of 2020 stronger and more resilient. As we reminisce the events of this year and have the opportunity to read this article, is in itself a great testimony of how grateful we should be for the gift of life!

This pandemic has taught us to learn on the fly and to adapt to immediate changes. We have come a long way in accepting virtual relationships, online shopping / ordering while sitting in the confines of our homes.

We are more equipped not just to survive but to thrive in this digital world. Families, though apart for a long period of time, have still been connected in more ways than one through multiple social and networking platforms.

Many of us have had insights into what our real purpose in life is, redirecting our focus and energies to fulfill many of our long-term goals that were part of our bucket list.

Families have seen enrichment and bonding like never before. Children whose working parents would have seen them for a few hours over a weekend are now spending quality time with them while enhancing their personal interactions and enjoying their uninterrupted time. Parents are equally thrilled to balance their work and family time by doing things together - be it a meal, praying or just celebrating shoulder to shoulder.

Hobbies and long-lost interests are being pursued. I find a lot of kids and adults getting into art, craft, music, dancing, writing, reading, cooking and more. All of a sudden it seems that many have realized that there's indeed much more to life than just a mundane day at school or school.

Lesser commute time with the advent of 'work from home' has meant lesser pollution, more time at hand and lesser spends to many. With today's focus being on ESG (Environment, Social and Governance), many of us are finding meaningful ways of contributing to society more than ever before. It now seems that every individual is a philanthropist !

Let's ask ourselves while we try to hone our PR (Public Relations) skills, are we taking time to hone the art of our other PR (Pause and Reflect)? Here are some pointers and questions that can help us to reflect:

1. How different are my family ties during this year in comparison to the previous year?

2. How much experience have I garnered this year vis-à-vis last year?

3. How valuable are the skills that I have learnt during this year?

4. How have I learnt to bounce back after life has thrown challenges at me?

5. How have I managed my health and learnings from health related adversities?

6. How have I learned to manage with limited resources?

7. How have I forged ahead despite being in virtual relationships? and more...

"Every cause has its effect, but its time for us to pause and reflect !!" May we enjoy the fruits of our experience of 2021, learn from our setbacks and capitalize on the opportunities that lie ahead!

Here's to a vibrant, blessed, healthy and prosperous 2022! Cheers!