13 JULY 2019


Through life’s journey, one would soon realize that life has three dimensions and all of them are complementary to each other. To stay positive and enthusiastic about life is the biggest key to one’s success. To be aware of one’s limitations or negatives is a great guide in knowing the boundaries in which one can best excel. Lastly, to be grounded would mean that life is a great learning experience and it takes a lot of courage to remain humble, while being at the top.

In the 3 pin plug of life, let us focus on each of these three pins:

The first pin- Being Positive (the live wire):

Eagerness to learn: Accepting feedback as a gift is the best way to remain a student for life. When there is an urge to learn, it reflects that you are passionate and that possess a desire to be better than yesterday. As a result of this positivity, you will feel a sense of satisfaction and growth from within.

Be result oriented: Life is full of challenges and every day we are encountered with a new and bigger challenge. The ones who succeed in such an environment are the ones who try and never give up. If every challenge is looked at as an opportunity, life’s dreams will be a lot easier to fulfill. When goals are not pursued with passion and excitement, the inevitable outcome would be excuses and not results. There is absolutely no harm in being optimistic and pursue your goals until you succeed.

Ethics ahead of personal goals: Along with high growth and the passion for success, there could be a temptation of taking a short cut to attain your goal. This generally happens when one overlooks the ethical side of things and focuses only on success at the cost of anything. Keeping an eye on the ‘rear-view-mirror’ (ethics) will not only help you navigate your course well, but also help you to stay on the right track.

Walk the talk: One of the best, though not the easiest way to stay positive, is to choose to be a great catalyst in doing the right things. Practice what you preach, try your level best to walk the talk and be consistent in all your interactions with people from across the spectrum. In short, one should try and reflect his true self at all times.

Be confident: Having an open mind, ready for change and being result oriented will make an individual more confident and forthcoming in his or her pursuit for life. If looking forward to life becomes a matter of routine and not an effort to break away from the shackles of a mundane life, then one has to rethink their purpose of life.

The second pin - Avoiding Negativity (the neutral wire)

Every individual wants fame and popularity. However when one experiences a lot of this, there is always a temptation to cross that thin line from modesty to pride. To ensure that there are proper and timely checkpoints to allow a neutral flow of current back into life’s stream, these five points can act as detonating points:

1. Pride/arrogance.

2. Knowing your limitations and acting accordingly

3. Never get ahead of yourself

4. Acknowledge that you may not be always right.

5. Envy.

The third pin - Be grounded (earthing wire)

Having dreams, passion to work, celebrating success and excelling in one’s career is a great formula for success. Having enthusiasm for excellence (the live wire) and being a conduit (the neutral wire) act as check points in your pursuit for success. Nevertheless, the key to one’s ultimate goal is to be grounded (earthing wire) and not get ahead of themselves.

Ultimately, life is indeed a 3 pin plug:

The earthing pin is longer and broader than the live and neutral pins to avoid any accident. It is also the first to connect and the last to disconnect from the socket. Likewise the best of life with money and power could lead to failure if it doesn’t start and end with humility and acceptance of being grounded first. Having an open mind to feedback and learning will lead you to your success. You can prevent major shocks and ensure a happy life.

Have YOU got your 3 pin plug of life?