12 March 2020


  • With over one hundred and twenty thousand people tested positive and scores being affected around the globe, I wanted to reach out with a clear message that this time is meant for communication, collaboration and consolidation. As the World Health Organisation declares COVID-19 as a pandemic, it's a time for us to plan, prepare and participate (3 P's) in helping to restrict the spread of this 'communicable virus'. The 3 P's can be looked at from three important perspectives of our life - Family, Work and Socialization.


​While there is so much of gloom overshadowing the world due to the spread of the virus, it is a great opportunity for people to build on their family ties. To have conversations while being restricted to one's home seems a blessing in a way. Time spent on gadgets or screen time can be reduced and relationships can be developed and nurtured. Given the conveniences of today's digital world, the general tendency is to interact digitally even with loved ones living under the same roof. So here we are, faced with an opportunity to enjoy what we have, rather than be worried of somethings that could well be out of our control. Following can be adhered, to ensure your family's safety, health and future.

  1. Avoid going out to crowded places.
  2. Stopping all outdoor leisure and entertainment especially large gatherings.
  3. Avoid unnecessary spending.


Keeping oneself clean and hygienic will also help fellow colleagues. Tracking movements and documenting them will go a long way in ensuring an audit trail is maintained and this could be very useful in the uneventful reality of one contracting the virus. While organisations are opting for work from home, remote working or flexible working, it is for each of us to continue to be accountable and support the business in the best possible manner within the stated restrictions of travel advisories, etc. Of course one would imagine that each individual and organisation would choose people over profit and hence health and safety would be of paramount importance. Some working tips:

  1. Be accountable and sincere while working remotely or from home.
  2. Be wary of who and how you interact with your business associates.
  3. Prepare for a business slowdown and related impact.


Man is a social animal and to stay away from society by way of placing restraints on their professional or personal interactions is a huge ask. It would be rather difficult for anyone to accept staying indoors continually for longer periods. However when government orders and advisories are in place, it is imperative for every individual to follow. Avoid having any large gatherings for your celebrations. Meeting virtually or on call is far better than face to face and becoming more vulnerable. A few areas where we can definitely contribute:

  1. Caring for humanity by being ready to volunteer where help is needed.
  2. Having concern for the other by not hoarding essentials like masks, hand sanitizers, tissue rolls, etc.

With GDP predicted to drop in the range of 0.5 to 1.5% and with so many industries being impacted, a business slowdown seems inevitable and an impending recession not far off.

In the meantime, let's spend more family time, enjoy low pollution levels, spend time for career introspection and plan for our professional and personal growth. So the secret is not to panic, but save for a rainy day and stay safe as prevention is better than cure.

This article is written by Willis Langford. An unbiased, result driven & passionate HR professional who has a flair for technology and keen interest in making this world a better place with a zest for life.