11 August 2020

Be a conduit in life

What is your purpose in life?

What is your reason for living?

Have you been able to accomplish your larger dreams and goals?

Well these are some pertinent questions that may have come to your mind at some point in time, especially if you believe that life is the greatest gift and that you need to make the best of it.

If you haven’t given these questions a thought, I’d like to share some light on areas that you could focus on.

  1. Learn to give or share. One of the best ways to be positive and create an environment of positivity around you is by sharing. Sharing one’s knowledge could be more gratifying than many other tasks we try to accomplish. Most of the rich and famous get their greatest satisfaction from supporting philanthropic causes and not just fan following. A visit to a destitute home, old age home, orphanage, etc would bring upon a bigger smile than the material gifts that you recently received.
  2. Become a lifelong learner. The earlier mantra of the world was ‘knowledge is power’ but modern thinkers believe that ‘lifelong learning is power’. With quick and drastic changes in technology, demographics, human behaviour and generational cohorts, it is becoming seemingly important that one needs to stay on the learning curve much before than before, thereby bringing about constant learning. Hence chances of sharing knowledge or one's experiences are higher.
  3. Be optimistic. There’s a lot to learn and every new day gives us an opportunity to learn. I remember in the 90's, our parents and grandparents were reluctant to embrace computers and the internet. At the same time there were many of them who believed that this technology was futuristic and embraced it well. In fact, some have even turned out to be social media experts, to say the least. Learning never goes in vain. Learning leads to experience and experience results in better decisions being made.
  4. Never get ahead of yourself. Being grounded and humble goes a long way in your learning. I've had a few friends and colleagues in the past who felt that their achievements were good enough to stand them in good stead for the rest of their life. But sooner than later they realized their short-comings and how short-sighted they were by thinking they were invincible.
  5. Lastly, be a conduit in society. Embracing change is the first step to realizing one's full potential. With change comes a lot of positive thoughts - those of growth, development, etc. In addition, sharing, teaching and coaching people around you will only make you a more learned person. Just as water flows through a pipe or a conduit moving in one direction and creating space for more water to flow, so also, we need to be that water in the conduit of life and move forward by sharing our knowledge with others and at the same time creating more space for new learning.