January 2021

3 Tips to help you work with your manager

Know more in this short article how to be successful in having a great working relationship with your manager !

1. Prioritise and work on tasks that ultimately meet your manager’s goals.

In organisations, goal alignment ensures that organisational goals get cascaded down through leaders, managers and then right down to the last employee. While your individual goals would be a subset of your manager, it is good to focus on them next. Such prioritising of goals will help you in getting recognised by your manager as his/her success would be directly accelerated by your contribution.

2. Never go to your manager with a problem.

Managers never appreciate sulking team members. They would prefer their team to comprise of action-oriented, positive and communicative members. So, if you have a problem or a challenge to overcome, think first of what could be the probable solutions and ways you can overcome the same. Share your challenges along with at least three probable solutions and request your manager for the best suited solution. Never be aggressive with your proposals to your manager. It’s good to remind ourselves that no manager is in a position of decision making or authority out of sheer luck. They have worked themselves up the ladder. So, our stance should be to first respect that position and respect their opinions.

3. Avoid thinking that you are more knowledgeable than your manager.

All of us continue to learn everyday in our life, through our experiences, encounters and relationships with people and situations. It is quite possible that at times you may have a better solution to a challenge, than your manager has. So just share it with them and when they select it, feel proud about it. But never make the mistake of making it public that it was your solution. This will put the manager’s ego at stake. It is worth mentioning here that each individual has his/her unique task cut out and it’s this effort that helps in becoming a great team achievement. In management terms, it is always known that a leader or a manager is as good as his/her team. They are a reflection of the sum total of their team. In other words, all their successes are mainly dependent on what their team achieves together.

Here's wishing you the best in your working relationship with your manager !