1 september 2020

How well 'refuelled'​ are you?

Life is full of opportunities and challenges and one can make the best of it by preparing well. Do you agree?

I’ve seen many people who refuel only half of the fuel tank of their car on every occasion. More noticeably, they fill it only when it is almost 'empty' - Why ?

Would it be different if they refuelled their car with the same amount of fuel (1/2 tank), but when the tank is at the half way mark and 'not' when it is nearing the empty sign ?

"Over the years, I have practiced filling up the fuel tank of my car when it is half empty and that has helped me immensely, especially in case of emergencies."

Of the multiple benefits from being prepared and practicing this simple change in mindset, I found that it's all about timing.

Being prepared with the same amount of resources, but timing it well could yield greater results. Doing things right is just as important as doing the right things. Efficiency and effectiveness are complementary to each other!

When the same amount of resources are applied to situations at different times, we can see different results as well. We hear investors talking about timing the market. Batsmen too work on their timing just as much as their techniques. Even at work, companies are looking for the best fit ie., candidates who have the right competencies and available at the right time. Hence it is very important to get the best return on your investment based on when you put it to use - be it your skill, your money, your energy or your time.

Now, it's time to do a self check - Which side of the tank do you fit into?