1 january 2010


In this materialistic world, it becomes more difficult to stand by values and ethics, especially if it is at the cost of being considered a laggard or one who doesn’t meet the competitive prerequisites of this modern era. Every individual aspires to reach the top and often, this quest attracts them to take a short cut or influence their way to success. Trying to influence someone in a discussion or negotiation is not bad or beyond accepted ethics, but influencing by unfair means could mean that the thin line has been crossed. This leads to just greed and not ambition.

Every organisation has its own objective, whether to be No.1 at the market place or to have the most market share or to just dominate competition. Likewise, Individuals have their dreams and aspirations – such as being the best employee or being an entrepreneur one day. It is aspirations such as these that go bad sometimes and the individual ends up going down-hill.

As the phrase goes – easy come easy go, the future ahead is also the same. Receiving credit or experiencing high returns with minimum effort often doesn’t last long. This is because the individual wouldn’t cherish such accomplishments as much as their hard-earned income or credits.

Enjoying the top spot in an organisation or in one’s life is a matter of how you achieved that feat. Normally, the harder you toiled to earn it, the longer the enjoyment lasts. The one’s who sustain difficult situations are the ones who are tested in hard terrain and are acclimatised to such challenges. Hence the need to cut short on processes, policies and more importantly ethical values does not arise.

The good news for you is that the world is filled with corruption today and hence if you are willing to hold your head up-high, you will be a face in the crowd and you will be recognised for who you are and what you stand for.

This article is written by Willis Langford, an unbiased, result driven & passionate HR professional who has a flair for technology and keen interest in making this world a better place with a zest for life.