One of the most vibrant, but less popular professions in today's world is that of a teacher. So on Teacher’s Day, I decided to write and dedicate this article to all the teachers that I have personally experienced in my life. This would be the smallest way I can show my sincere appreciation and gratitude to them.

The main distinction of a teacher is that they are the very foundation of all professions. Every other profession in this world is nurtured, cared and directed through the one and only profession – a teacher !! The making of a CEO, an actor or a philanthropist starts with the baby steps of being taught by a teacher and ends with the potter’s finesse of a professor.

The paradox is that even though this profession is considered as the mother of all professions, it still finds itself placed at the bottom of the rung in terms of choices of students, today! The complexities of this profession are lost in this materialistic world of quick returns. It is the teaching profession that could be deemed as one of the most demanding - physically, intellectually, socially and emotionally, in comparison to many other corporate jobs. Unending burden continues to be on this profession and in order to ride the changing times, it is always the teachers who are stressed with the need to go through pedagogical change first and then share that mastery with the others.

It is our duty and obligation to acknowledge our Gurus and teachers for all that they do or have done for us in the past. I like to share some of the top qualities that my teachers exhibited which are very unique and are seldom seen even in today’s world across professions.

Being Selfless:

This is one of the greatest virtues I found with my teachers. They lived their lives in a selfless way. Their only world was the future of the children they taught. They would unrelentingly share their talent with their students as if they were their own children. They would share tips and tricks with the sole intention of making us successful. If they were to teach today, they would have had a million likes on YouTube or scores of followers on LinkedIn. It seemed that their only investment back then, was the success and the returns their students would have reaped from their future professions. They never even expected a simple thank you!!

Care and concern for the other:

This is something that is drastically changing in the modern times. Caring for the other doesn’t exist to a large extent. It is almost akin to a commercial deal. In other words, it is like planting a few seeds and telling the seeds that you have to give me a guaranteed output of fruit in the years to come. Our expectations on results are far more demanding than that of listening patiently to what we call today – excuses! This wasn’t the case back then.

Passionate about the subject:

This is something that I first learnt from my teacher and surprisingly not from my first boss. I am saying this because most people hear these words of being passionate and ‘think-out-of-the-box' in the corporate world, but I had the privilege of hearing this from my school teacher. He was passionate about his work and he helped me to love and be passionate of a particular subject that I hated in my early school days.

I will always be grateful to my teachers who have made me what I am today. I also dedicate this to all teachers and my beloved wife who is passionate about her teaching!

The mediocre teacher tells

The good teacher explains

The superior teacher demonstrates

The great teacher inspires

William Arthur Ward

This article is written by Willis Langford, an unbiased, result driven & passionate HR professional who has a flair for technology and keen interest in making this world a better place with a zest for life.