1 january 2010


There is a lot of competition in today’s world and people are wrestling to be at the top - be it at school, college or even at work. The society in which we live, is getting tougher on us. If Charles Darwin or Herbert Spencer were alive, they would be proud that the theory of survival of the fittest is still in vogue today, even after a century passing by.

The whole world wants individuals, who are extraordinary someone who can think out of the box and someone who can stand out in a crowd. It has become all the more important to people that they need to be ahead of the pack and be that genius that the world has never seen before.
But the question is, Do we need to go after our dream in such an aggressive manner that we lose our sleep? After all, a sound sleep could be better than the world’s riches!
What gives you a good night's sleep?
Is it your 'relationship with others'? While pursuing one’s dreams amidst the clutter of life with endless schedules to be taken care, What is the outcome? Do you enjoy what you are doing? Are you relishing every moment on the way? Often, we forget to look at our own neighbour, either at work or the colony that we live in. They may need some help or support from you and in this modern world, the support could be as simple as ‘a smile’ or ‘a hello’ from us. This simple gesture from us could make their day. While pursuing our big dreams, we may be trampling upon relationships unknowingly as our blinkers are on and we are focused on our goal. Let’s not forget that the world we live in today is a social and collaborative world and we will soon realize that we need people around us. So, it is good to cherish every moment of our life and not sprint it. In other words, simplify our life, build relationships and enjoy a peaceful rest.
Is it your 'purpose of life'? It’s good to introspect and ask ourselves what is the purpose of our life? Is it meaningful to me, my family and the society at large? Simply put, do we get up in the morning with a goal or purpose for that day? Does it fall in line with my larger purpose of life? In today’s rat-race are we overlooking the bigger picture of satisfaction and more importantly – gratification? Often, candidates end up having fancy objectives, goals mentioned in their curriculum vitae` but most of them either do not understand or have forgotten what they have written. So, set yourself an uncomplicated goal with a link to your intended purpose and you will not be restless over it, instead you will enjoy it.
Is it money? This is literally the million-dollar question that is to be run past our conscience every time an opportunity to prosper financially, arises. I am reminded of Jack Ma’s theory on LQ (Love Quotient) where he brings out very profoundly that being kind to the other will fetch you greater results and that cohesive relationships will help you prosper. Early in my career, I received one of the best advice from a great mentor – ‘Success comes to a person who allows money to follow knowledge and not vice versa.’ Money is one of the many means to one’s goal and not the only way. It wouldn't make sense to have all the luxuries in life and then stay awake all night worrying about it. So, let money not disturb your mental peace and a good night's rest.
Most often riches can bring in anguish, anxiety which may make us feel restless and sometimes even give us sleepless nights. So it is up to the individual to draw that finite line and stop any unwanted stress and then be happy like the man on the street who has a sound sleep with no worries.
This article is written by Willis Langford. An unbiased, result driven & passionate HR professional who has a flair for technology and keen interest in making this world a better place with a zest for life.