08 JUNE 2019


Don’t wait to get noticed, rather create your opportunity. Even the best Kohinoor in the world never fetches its best price in a desert - as it is water that people want.

Every Organisation would always want to have the cream of their industry. Since competition is at its peak in today’s world, it is imperative for an employee to also note that organisations have also changed the way they search, seek and sustain talent. There has been a change in the outlook of managers in many ways and one of the bigger changes relate to how different have Managers become in acknowledging and recognising talent.

Managers of the 20th Century had a more social edge in the way they conducted business. There existed a human touch, between the manager and his team. This was so prominent that a Manager would know his or her team professionally and personally, very well. They would go to any extent of encouraging camaraderie and well-being. They would know finer details of their team member’s family – children and spouse included.

Thanks to our present lifestyle – life in the fast lane, those days have changed and today not just the manager but many of us would interact with machines probably more often than we do with human beings. With the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), we are living in a hi-tech world, from automated parking systems, smart card toll-free highways to interactive voice recorders answering your customer care queries – life is indeed in the fast lane. To cap it all, you also have no face to interact in organisations. At a forum recently, I heard first-hand experiences of employees who had not met their immediate supervisor, even after 9 months of joining the organsiation. Laughable as it may sound, such employees successfully complete their probation period as well. Gone are the days where the Manager would pay personal attention to each team member and interact in a microscopic manner. So, the question arises - How do you get the attention of your Manager? Are you a Kohinoor in a desert?

Each employee can follow a few simple steps to get recognised:

1. Engage yourself in business. Be aware and attentive to all activities of the organisation, irrespective of the function you are part of or the role that you play. Knowing about Customers, Markets, Competition and most of all, the external environment, helps in being more knowledgeable and ready for different roles that may arise in the future. Also, this attitude of awareness or hunger for details would make life easier for your Manager if you were to be given a bigger responsibility. This is the first step in preparing yourself to be well-known in the organisation – Be a brand ambassador!

2. Keep abreast with time. A step closer to being identified as a potential candidate, is to keep abreast with what is happening in the Industry that you are part of and also what are the new technologies that is getting launched. How would it affect your organisation and your role? Knowledge never goes to waste. In many cases, we notice that being knowledgeable in a particular topic may seem unnecessary at a point of time but later the same may become most wanted. Further, in many cases, your role could get easier because of tech-savvy solutions. This approach will also appease your Manager.

3. Communicate with your Manager: Now, at this stage, the emphasis is on you and no one else. Just communicate. Use many ways to communicate with your Supervisor. Refrain from communicating indirectly – no text messaging, no emails without a prior discussion. The success of communicating is not dependent on the frequency you communicate but how much has the Manager been convinced of your performance or tasks at hand.

4. Thirst for additional responsibilities: Unless you show eagerness to learn more and to do more, you will never be at the top of any organisation. Today, organisations look for multi-faceted people so that their strategies of tomorrow can get fulfilled today. Always show that you are thirsty for more responsibilities and can embrace change with ease. The best time to exhibit this thirst is while performing your regular tasks - look beyond the task and take the whole picture into consideration.

5. Exhibit all your talents: Just as you garner a bundle of degrees under your belt, so also, ensure you use all your talent in your repertoire in accomplishing your regular tasks. However, ensure use of modern methods or technology should never be a hindrance to any process. Managers of today do not want to see just what you accomplished, but how you accomplished a task as well.

This brings me to my final comment – Don’t wait until you get noticed but thrust to be noticed. Even the best Kohinoor in the world will never get a price in the desert - as it is water that people want.

One needs to take his jewel to the right place to get the right price. Similarly, you would need to market yourself to your Manager, even if you are the most valuable Kohinoor (employee).