07 JANUARY 2022


Of late I have been witnessing many situations of discomfort in people – some who feel that they are not getting their due at their present workplace, others who feel that they are not getting their best out of their relationship and a few others feel that they are in a wrong profession. This situation seems worse than what it sounds because most of these thoughts stem from either insecurity or envy. In simpler words, the feeling that the grass is greener on the other side.

Here are some areas that people feel that the grass is greener on the other side:


It's good to evaluate our situation and compare ourselves in the market to see where we stand and accordingly position ourselves. Ensuring that we are paid on par with the industry and market, that we have the best tools to fulfill similar jobs or checking with external agencies to know how we are performing with respect to required skills, etc. But oftentimes, at interviews, candidates share that they see a need for a job change because 'others' have changed and they are made to believe that the market is good. In reality, this may not be the case as job offers may or may not necessarily be a blanket availability for everyone across all positions. There may be openings in a few industries, Functions or Roles.

Worth a try: Chart your own objectives and career goals and then align with the external opportunities. It should be an inside-out approach.


Every individual wants to be in an amicable relationship, be it with the boss, the spouse or even with a friend. Let’s take the relationship with the boss. Everyone wants to have an understanding boss who can trust you and give you your space. One who can give that extra room by empowering you to take on tasks independently without looking over your shoulder. Often when this does not happen, we look around and compare ourselves with our friends and try to find out how much better off they are. The next step would be to share our grievances and anxieties with them either as a shoulder to lean on or just another way of bringing inner peace. Perhaps even crib about the organisation, boss, colleagues, environment, etc

Worth a try: Build a relationship through trust, performance, openness, and then await results. It should be an inside-out approach.


All of us want to have great achievements and accomplishments under our belt. But in reality, very often our goals or career objectives get determined by the external environment. In a few situations it could be understood - like the current times where I’ve come across many budding professionals feeling very skeptical about career options in the hospitality, travel and tourism space because of the pandemic. This is understandable. Sometimes it may also be a good practice to align our expectations to the outside world but not depend on it entirely to build our future. When these goals become unachievable, we tend to be lost and start the blame game that these goals were taken on at the directive of someone else.

Worth a try: Goals need to be self-driven if not they can never be pursued with grit and passion. The starting point has to be ‘I’ and then the environment that could support your goal. It should be an inside-out approach.

“I start early and I stay late, day after day, year after year, it took me 17 years and 114 days to become an overnight success.” Lionel Messi

So, let's look at our own strengths first rather than looking at opportunities or successes in the outside world. It would be beneficial to focus on accomplishing smaller steps than straight away dreaming of the celebrity status-to-be. Success is like an iceberg – others just see the top, but there’s a lot beneath the surface that runs deep.

Here's a quick 5 step process to ensure the grass is green, where you are:

  • It's worthy to believe that the grass will certainly look greener ...Where you water it !!

  • Nourish your goals today, to cherish it tomorrow!

  • All the best in following your dreams through set goals.
  • Stay Blessed!!