06 JULY 2019


Have you ever been in a situation where you have said, 'He’s good!, 'That’s fantastic' Or simply been a witness to one of your friends being at the center of attraction? On the other hand, have you been with friends who have felt the need of your presence or your absence felt? In short did anyone tell you that you are simply amazing?

It is a good time to ponder on what values you bring to the table wherever you are and what impact your family, company or friends would have with your active presence. Make no mistake that being an amazing person doesn’t discount you from complimenting people or acknowledging others' feats.

With quick fixes in relationships or jobs, in vogue today, can we ask ourselves – How do we stay connected and have a lasting impact on our society in which we live? Let’s look at a few aspects that could help us reach our personal best.

Talent: Being humble of your achievements is a great virtue to have. At the same time being open about your talents is a necessity. Exhibiting your talent will help you reach out to many people than you can imagine. Taking pride in what one does or achieves is a matter of self-respect and a pat on the back. This will encourage the person to be more confident and assertive in life.

New Roles: Taking on new roles or being open to change can help one reach this stage of feeling important. Being an active listener will help in overcoming many obstacles that would otherwise prevent such changes from taking place. Changes drive away complacency and can make you feel like the cornerstone in all plans that you could be part of – at work or at home. All of a sudden there could be an aura established around your personality.

Continuous learner: An open mind with an attitude of yearning for knowledge will help you to stay active and relevant irrespective of changes in time or technology. ‘Learning’ alone is not important as much as the attitude and the openness to learning new things. Nothing stops one from learning new technologies like a grand parent, who in their eighties, are active on Instagram or even enjoy the excitement of a world cup match at a cricket stadium. Such people are amazing!

Resistance to Persistence: Many a time, we witness that fortune has favoured the brave and sometimes we may attribute that successes towards luck ! The truth may not be either and it could have been just basic fundamentals being followed. Moving from being resistant (to learning, changing or driving new thoughts) to persisting with the new role, changes or simply embracing ‘the new’, will have a positive impact on being a charismatic person. While we are called to appreciate the good in others, compliment others on their achievements, celebrate their successes and be amazed, it is equally important to build your character around humility and yet be able to lead with your charisma and be an amazing person!! Some people make wonders happen, others watch wonders happen and the rest wonder what happened – Which category do you belong to?