21 JANUARY 2022


As the world becomes more and more competitive it is becoming tougher for individuals to succeed in their professional endeavours. People need to study and accumulate more professional degrees, if not for bringing true value to their career but probably just to get shortlisted at an interview. With changing times, in the way we work, the workforce composition and workplace, it is becoming more difficult, especially for employers, to find that winning combination.

Technology is also playing a pivotal role in determining the success of candidates because of automation and artificially intelligent work processes. There seems to be a new set of skills that are required especially in the post-pandemic era that lies ahead and these changes also call for employers to think differently, be it with their human resource practices, processes or policies.

While there clearly is a need to hone one’s skills along the way, especially if they want to be recognised in this competitive world, the bigger question is 'How long would employees carry on in their pursuit to up-skill and re-skill?' With this as the backdrop, I'd like to share my secret formula and ask you, if you are considered as a VIP candidate?

1️⃣ Value 2️⃣ Integrity 3️⃣ Passion

The truth of real success of our personal or professional lives lie in our pursuit of our VIP status. Let's learn more on how this can add value to our career.

1. Bringing VALUE to the table:

Some organisations may look at your educational qualifications, the pedigree, etc., while others may want many years of relevant industrial experience to fill in vacant positions. We normally assume that past performances are great determinants for future performances as well. Another school of thought is that organisations shortlist based on skills needed for the job and are ultimately selected.

With the given challenges and changes of work, workforce and workplace, what seems more important is, 'What do employees do with their talent?' 'Do they apply their practical minds to critical situations?' 'How do employees react when sudden changes surface?' In short, what is being sort after is, 'What is the value we bring to the organisation?' It really doesn't matter what our past glory has brought us, but what is more important is, how we can impact the organisation with our contribution, especially with all the degrees and valuable experience up our sleeve.

To help us bring value, I have elucidated a simple way through CRISIS skills:

Change Management


Interpersonal Relationships

Stability (mental)

Innovative Thinking


2. Act with INTEGRITY:

In the guise of today's fad, IG - Instant Gratification, everyone wants to be at the top in half the time, be a celebrity overnight and become a market leader instantly. While pursuing success, there are possibilities that employees or employers would compromise and may knowingly or unknowingly take short-cuts. Hence it is all the more important for employees as individuals to toe an 'ethical line' and not be distracted by easy wins which compromise on code of conduct and ethics.

Being accountable for our actions is so important. When we demonstrate our engagement and stand accountable for our successes and setbacks included, it helps in building trust with our team or with the manager. Lastly, being the brand ambassador for the organisation and standing by your values and that of the organisation, will help you in your career. I am sure you would agree with me, that you would like to be remembered for being on the Headline of a Newspaper for the 'right reasons' and not otherwise.

3. Persist with PASSION:

What organisations need more than ever before are passionate employees who are highly engaged with their work. With this 'passion' it is always believed that employees will bring in new ideas and work with zeal and enthusiasm. Having great talent and many meaningful years of experience is no good until the same is used as a foundation along with passion and enthusiasm for the job. A highly engaged new joiner employee is better than a passive, disengaged, loyal employee in an organisation. What we achieve with what we have is most impactful. This can be seen in today's world, where multi-billion dollar conglomerates are witnessing fierce competition from start-ups. We are also seeing the average age of 'high net-worth' individuals also come down. All these facts point in one direction that if we are passionate towards our work, goal or career, results are bound to be seen. So, its time for us to evaluate ourselves?

📌 Am I bringing value to my organisation?

📌 Would I be proud for being on the front page for an ethical practice that I follow?

📌 Do I start every day as a brand new day and look forward to achieving something exciting?

So here's wishing that we try to be that Very Important Person who brings Value, Integrity and Passion to the fore.