01 JANUARY 2022


From research across the globe, the findings on New Year Resolutions have always been startling. More than 80% of New Year Resolutions fail by the end of February and only less than 10% fulfill their goals by the end of the year. So, is this an old fashion theory of having New Year Resolutions? Or are there ways of making our resolutions more solid.

Here are my 10 steps to making your resolutions work!

1. Resilience:

This is the buzz word over the last two years and we cannot start thinking of a resolution without having a character of being resilient. Normally, we would be very excited to start a new project, hobby or even a fitness routine, but it takes great resilience to bounce back after we are distracted with breaks. Very often we find our friends register in up-market gyms or fitness centers to ensure they are successful in their fitness goals. Sadly, the success of them in keeping their fitness resolution intact does not depend on the equipment at the gym but on the willpower to withstand temptations of laziness.

2. Enthusiasm:

Being enthusiastic is so important for the success of your goal and also being passionate of what you have set forth as a target. It is very important to have realistic goals as resolutions so that you would be in a position to achieve it slowly but surely. Small wins will boost your confidence and help you to accelerate your pace as you progress in your goal pursuit. Being enthusiastic and engaged in your goals will help you to focus better and it will become a self-driven exercise and not a driven mandate.

3. Special:

Making a resolution special by way of giving it priority and prominence in your schedule will help you in being successful at accomplishing the same. Making a public statement of it can only propel the path to your goal. When we love something we show it off to people. It could be our fashion accessories, car or house. Sometimes, even parents want to showcase the talent of their kids. Likewise, talk more about your goals to others so that you have their support as well.

4. Opportunity:

'Capitalising on every opportunity you get' should be your mantra going forward. Look forward to seize every opportunity in order to reach your desired results. Very often I hear candidates at the interview say that they want to become a great manager and then a leader. However their aspirations are proven very porous when asked what are they doing about it? Hence, lack of focus could lead to opportunities going abegging.


We should be able to cheer ourselves up especially when we are struggling with progress on our resolutions. We should also make it a point to laugh at our mistakes and quickly learn from it. Lastly, we should celebrate every infant step of progress that we make. It is often seen that while the going is good there may be many followers and friends with you but in challenging times these numbers come down drastically. So being able to laugh and cheer ourselves could be a great way of pushing aside our challenges and yet not taking our eyes off our goal.


Pursuing one's goal unconditionally will definitely help them reach it one day! Often we find people around us who want to cherry-pick their goals, future, etc. While it's good to be specific in their ask, what follows is their choosy habits. For example, if someone wants to have diverse thinking and a multi-cultural mindset, that cannot happen sitting in one country. But in reality we find that people want to have international exposure but either wouldn't want to travel or they would pick and choose their country.


It's very easy to go with the crowd and be lost. Goals are not normally tough to achieve because of its severity, but instead it's because one loses their way because of lack of willpower to continue. Setbacks, temptations and hurdles will always exist but its the tenacious few who would overcome the same and reach their goal. Being persistent in their pursuit for achieving is key to making resolutions a success.


Making the 'I' work in a Resolution is the most important factor. Making ourselves responsible for achieving our goals. Taking onus of our actions towards accomplishing our goals is of paramount importance. Are we constantly checking on whether we are putting in our best efforts in making sure our resolutions a success? Let's remember that what we sow, so shall we reap.


Being crisp and specific in what we are striving for, will only hasten the process of getting there quickly. People who want to just get of their homes for entertainment - may just end up in a sporting arena, theatre or a movie screen. But if they were to be specific as to what type of entertainment they wanted, they could have the respective program organised.

10. 'No':

Positivity is key to progress and hence refraining from saying 'No' could help in the long run. Being able to accept whatever challenges come our way and learning to navigate without saying no can toughen us and encourage us to have a growth mindset.

I pray and hope as we celebrate New Year's Day today, you and I will be able to practice these 10 steps in making our R.E.S.O.L.U.T.I.O.N... resolute!

PS: The best time to make a resolution is NOW. Watch more in my recent video - New Year Resolutions are myths !