23 august 2021


It seems in the modern day that we are a little confused on where to focus our priorities? Is it on the smart phone that we own or is it on our smart life that we have been gifted with?

I started to look around, especially after I wanted to buy a new smartphone and then I realized how much we actually focus on a smart phone. It is the model, the color, speed, space, camera, memory and so many other features. We look for longevity and often check if the relevant software and hardware will last for a while and not go obsolete.

We compare notes on multiple models and brands, including research on the advantages or disadvantages the phones have with each other. We spend endless hours comparing, reviewing and checking out testimonies from users.

These comparisons do not end. Once the phone is bought, we then build on our accessory list – tempered glass, a case which looks appealing and strong, a fast charger, headphones etc.

The most intriguing part is that we actually look forward to comprehensive insurance coverage plans that will cover damage, theft and non-performance repairs as well.

We do all of the above with meticulous care even though we are aware that any smart phone in these current times would go obsolete in about 5 to 7 years.

Switching gears, Let’s ponder on how much care and attention we pay to our life – health and hygiene. We often take our life and all that comes along with it – for granted. We overlook what our body needs. From a physical wellness perspective, we assume that our out-of-time meals, less sleep, or addiction of any nature would not hurt our health.

We neglect our emotional well-being and treat it as a secondary requirement and something that can be overlooked. Today’s pandemic has brought to life the dire need for mental wellness. Stability of mind and a strong will to negate 'restricted social interactions', is one of the biggest requirements for emotional well-being. In this rat race, many of us have forgotten how to smile and destress. More importantly, how to enjoy the simple things of life – be it even a clear blue sky or the sound of rustling of leaves from trees around us.

Financial well-being is thought of as an after-spend analysis rather than a plan for the future. We are so caught up in estimating returns on gadgets like a smart phone, but we seldom think of health plans, insurances, medical covers and retirement plans. At the most, we may end up having our compulsory Provident Fund as being the greatest source of savings or additional insurance coverages because it would have brought us tax rebates.

It’s time for us to invest in the world’s best smart gadget that has a super-fast processor which comes with amazing features. It has real-time crystal-clear vision, which is better than even the 40K HD with a great sense of smell and hearing that can sense the aroma and sound respectively, from a distance. In addition, it also has a feature of touch that can change, mould, or transform things. Another absolute unique feature is taste – which can tell the difference based on ones personal choice. If we are still not satisfied with these features, let us be reminded that there’s nothing artificial in it because it has inbuilt super reasoning skills, that is called ‘Natural Intelligence’.

All of these features are power-packed in the greatest God-given machine or gadget (if you want to call)…LIFE !!

So here we are – placed with a unique opportunity, where we can reason out and weigh for ourselves and then relook, restart and reinvest in our life by valuing 'LIFE' now more than ever !!

This article is written by Willis Langford, an unbiased, result driven & passionate HR professional who has a flair for technology and keen interest in making this world a better place with a zest for life.